New Moon in Aries Blessings ~ 

With Neptune in Pisces at their back and Mercury leading their stellium, along with Jupiter and Chiron further ahead, the New Moon and Sun in Aries embolden us to start something new. Meanwhile, Venus’s embrace with the North Lunar node in Taurus ensures that we infuse it with love.

A mutable square from Neptune in Pisces to Mars in Gemini reminds us that there are usually multiple answers and our discovery of them depends on our willingness to ask diverse questions and be open to what shows up. 

Saturn in Pisces invites us to consider fluidity as we create new inclusive structures and boundaries that serve us and others. 

Pluto, in the end degree of Capricorn, is gearing up to shift into Aquarius this week for a sneak preview of the possibilities that transformative growth holds. Over the next roughly three months, we’ll be invited to stretch even further into our potential as humans sharing planet Earth. 

Here’s to letting Divinity fill up and flow through our musings and creative expressions, whatever they may be ~ pouring a cup of tea, sprinkling a latte with spice, caring for someone who is struggling, sending someone we love a note, sharing a smile or laugh, petting a furry one, playing with children, painting with explosions of color and light, noticing the way the Sun entices snowbanks to yield and nourish what comes next…

Here’s to being present to all of the moments on this human journey where our survival depends on it. 

Here’s to paying attention to the mastery inside of each moment we’re blessed with living, loving and growing – for the highest good of all relations. 

With great blessings and love. 

Always love. 

~ Christina