Ahhh! But remember….there is always magic!

It’s New Moon in Pisces time! Can you feel it? The sensitive watery world of the Divine Feminine beckons us into her domain at 12:06 am MDT, February 20, 2023. Get ready to dream well! 

Tonight’s New Moon invites us into the dreamy world of Pisces where creativity, mastery and mystery dwell. 

She asks: Do we have the courage to feel what we feel? Are we inspired and brave enough to pierce the veil of illusion and duality in our world and express what stirs in the deepest places of our psyches, individually and collectively? 

Many moons ago, when I was deep into unraveling my psyche, a three year old boy named Brandon reminded me of the power of magic in the waiting room of a therapist’s office. He was playing with various blocks and toys while his two moms were in session with the therapist. 

All of a sudden, in the way that true inspiration usually meets us, he held up his wooden stick as if it were a wand and with the marvelous conviction that children possess – pronounced, “Ahhhh, but remember! There is always magic!” 

Now, maybe Brandon was quoting a message he heard on a cartoon or story, however, it must be said that Harry Potter was but a remote vision in the ethers at that time, as was the internet in the way that we know it now. Yes, I’m dating myself.

In my heart of hearts, I have to believe that I was in the presence of an Ascended Master on that day, and his enthusiasm guides me, still (wherever you are Brandon, you are loved).

That there is always magic is a fundamental truth that I believe we all are born knowing but forget on the often arduous journey of life. 

Here’s to letting tonight’s New Moon in Pisces, partnered with Saturn in the end degrees of Aquarius, remind us that with magic, anything is possible. 

Here’s to owning – without apology – our right to believe in magic and possibilities, and bring them to life through our thoughts, dreams, visions, words and actions. 

Here’s to embracing the best of humanity that shows up when we let compassion lead the way. 

Here’s to the wisdom gleaned from every single act of forgiveness that we demonstrate, knowing completely that we are healing the past, present and future each time we are brave enough to let go and let love heal what has harmed us. 

Here’s to remembering what it’s like to bring mastery down to Earth, which we were born to do. 

Here’s to celebrating Brandon and bringing his wisdom to life! Here’s to remembering the magic and its ever-present power in our lives!

Closing thoughts – I have deep and wide heart-appreciation for all those that allow me the honor and privilege of seeing your sacred journeys from the perspective of the planets, luminaries and Universe. I am forever grateful. This path that I courageously embraced so many years and moons ago gives me great hope for all of us. 

ps ~ As one Scorpion-born, I’m acutely aware that magic also exists in your watery realm, and I would never discount your magical ability to quench your desires for Power ~ especially when they are elevated to incorporate and manifest Love. 

Always Love. 

~ Christina