New Earth Essence

astrology for your Soul’s journey

Celestial greetings
from earth and above

Hello fellow Earth-dwellers!

Are you ready to see your path from a higher place?

Do you want to know what your highest self set in motion eons ago?

Are you seeking tools to help you navigate your Earth Journey with grace, beauty and soul-centered confidence?

I’m Christina, professional astrologer and spiritual seeker. Opening portals to guidance from Earth and Above is my soul’s passion and divine purpose.

Allow me to help you discover and embody yours.

Your soul will thank you!

What you seek is seeking you ~ rumi

When we wholeheartedly seek to know our truth and embrace all of our talents,
flaws, and potential, something magical happens in the realm of the unseen.
A potent and palpable shift in the cosmos carries us to new heights
of possibility where what we know and what we live
unites and blesses our individual
and collective journey
for the highest good of all relations

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