natal consultation

This is the beginning. Your natal chart reveals your soul’s purpose and holds secrets to manifesting your unique essence. In this consultation, we’ll explore the celestial patterns that shaped your moment of birth that you’re expressing over your lifespan. Gifts and strengths will be discussed so that you meet your challenges with confidence. The phase of the Moon under which you were born will be explored to support your monthly cycles of growth, and fundamental character traits will come to light so your soul radiates from within.

A digital downloadable MP3 recording of our one-hour long consultation is included to serve as a touchstone throughout your life.
$150 USD

Solar return consultation

Each year, at or very near your birthday, the Sun returns to the exact, potent zodiacal position it held when you were born. You’ll come away from our consultation with clarity, tools to support you through the year, and a renewed sense of alignment with your soul’s passion and purpose.

A digital downloadable MP3 recording of our one-hour long consultation is included to help you reconnect to this powerful moment as the year progresses.
$150 USD

Current transits consultation

This consultation explores current and upcoming celestial patterns as they relate to your life’s journey. We’ll look at the key planetary transits that are at play in your life, and you’ll learn how to integrate these energies to express your overarching vision and contribute to our collective expansion.

This one-hour long consultation includes a digital downloadable MP3 recording for continued celestial support on your path.
$150 USD

Elemental essentials package

This series of four seasonal consultations supports your alignment with the cardinal elements of spring (Aries’ fire), summer (Cancer’s water), autumn (Libra’s air) and winter (Capricorn’s earth). We’ll meet at or near each equinox and solstice to see how the current planetary energies may help you ignite, nourish, inspire, and ground your highest experience.

This package may be ordered any time after you’ve had an initial natal consultation with me. Each one-hour long consultation in this package of four includes a digital, downloadable MP3 recording to guide you through the seasons with grace and elemental love.
$500 USD

celestial soul story

This celestial narrative captures your journey from the perspective of the skies and is designed for those that prefer to have a written record instead of – or in addition to – a consultation.

You’ll receive a personal PDF to help you connect to your soul and navigate your way forward. This is unique to you and not computer-generated. An image from nature that reflects your soul’s beauty graces your story to remind you of your inherent light and inspire you on your path.
$75 USD

gift certificates

To place an order for a gift certificate, please email me here when you place your order using the links above.

If your recipient is new to working with me, I recommend a Natal Consultation and/or a Celestial Soul Story. If your recipient has had a Natal Consultation with me, I recommend a Current Transits Consultation, Celestial Soul Story, or Elemental Essentials Package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my time of birth needed for a consultation?

Yes! This is instrumental to get an accurate natal chart, from which all other consultations follow. Your time and location of birth determine the celestial pattern that shapes your personality and experience. Once you place your order, I’ll reach out to you for this information.

How do I schedule my consultation? 

Once you place your order, I’ll email you to schedule our meeting. We’ll meet via Zoom, or by phone, if you’re in the US and prefer this option. 

What’s included in my order?

All consultations are one-hour long and include a downloadable MP3 recording. The Celestial Soul Story offers a printable PDF only and does not include a consultation, however, it may be ordered in addition to any consultation or package.

What if I have follow-up questions after my consultation?

I leave room in our consultation for questions, but it’s common for things to come up after our initial meeting. You’re welcome to schedule a follow-up/current transits consultation at any time to dive deeper into your journey.