Breathing into Peace ~

As the planets continue to create aspects that stimulate and challenge us to evolve this year, uncertainty hangs in the air. The possibilities are vast and outcomes unknown.

Fortunately, more of us are becoming aware that we have the power to shift the atmosphere of our lives – and our world – by attending to each moment. 

As we breathe in peace and exhale anxiety, a cascade of tranquility radiates from us. 

As we reflect on something or someone we appreciate, circles of kindness and love ripple outward. 

As we acknowledge beauty in another being, we reinforce the reflection of our own. 

As we connect with the natural world around us, we are transported to a state of grace.

How we are in each moment affects and empowers not only ourselves, but also each other. 

These are the moments to return to, again and again, especially when tension and conflict surface. 










These are the qualities that 2024 is calling forth. Here’s to answering the call ~ for the highest good of all relations. 

With great blessings and love. 
Always love. 
~ Christina