Thoughts on faith ~

While musing on my intentions for the upcoming Sagittarian New Moon cycle during the balsamic lunar phase this evening, a thrilling sense of expansion pervaded my consciousness. 

Thoughts of limitations in my physical, mental and spiritual realms quickly shifted into what I wanted to allow in their place. I felt suspended in the space between Scorpio and Sagittarius, where the depth of what needs to be acknowledged and transmuted equals the expansion that comes with allowing and trusting the process.

As I contemplated each of my different levels of being, momentum, strength and flexibility became my focus before an even larger idea appeared. 

Examining my limitations and risk-tolerance made me consider my faith-tolerance, and I had to ask myself how much I believe that I can change, grow and evolve. The question of how much I’m willing to risk became the larger question of how much I’m willing to believe.

Faith can be a loaded concept since much has been done in our world under the auspices of religion that is counter to the expression of higher consciousness. 

For me, faith means believing in what is possible. In astrology, it’s a 9th house/Sagittarian notion where what is possible is limited only by what we accept as true. It’s rulership falls to Jupiter, the most expansive planet in our solar system that’s associated with higher wisdom, truth and purpose.

Tonight, on the eve of the New Moon in Sagittarius as we near Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, faith feels close. It feels alive. It feels like a gift.




Join me in this inspiring place of possibility. 

Here’s to opening our minds, bodies, hearts and spirits to faith and letting expansion permeate our existence.

For the highest good of all relations ~ 

Always love. 

~ Christina