Summer Solstice Light ~ 

On June 20, 2024 at 2:51 pm MDT, Cancer opens the gates of summer to shine upon us.

More than any element, water nourishes and shapes us. Likewise, Lunar-ruled Cancer does the same. She calls us home to our emotional bodies and bonds us to matters of the heart. 

Streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, and oceans hold her cleansing and rejuvenating energy. When we enter her realm, we align with the timeless wisdom of trusting the flow of each experience as it unfolds. 

Comfort and peace become our natural state. 

This Summer, as our world continues to shift and uncertainty seemingly increases, may we seek and embrace the timeless gifts of water and allow ourselves to be restored to wholeness.

May the tensions that we bring to our interactions with others be honored for the teachers that they are. 

May we attract into our days acts of service that renew rather than deplete us. 

May we let our egos follow our hearts’ lead and know the power of each present moment. 

May our gifts and blessings ripple outward from us and envelop the Earth in light and love.

With blessings and great love, for all relations. 
Always love. 
~ Christina