Summer Solstice Blessings ~

As the Sun claims the sky at zero degrees Cancer on June 21, 2023 at 8:58 am MDT, summer begins in the northern hemisphere. Life and growth surrounds, nourishes and inspires us!

On this Summer Solstice eve, the thin sliver of the Moon sends a playful sideways smile to Mars and Venus in Leo in the western sky. It feels like an invitation to make a wish – kind of like when we were kids lying on the grass counting fireflies with crickets singing us to sleep…yes, just like that.

Pluto moved back into Capricorn earlier this month, where it will remain for the rest of this year, reminding us to continue cleaning up our lives when it comes to claiming authority over our choices and experiences. If we’re noticing situations that make us feel powerless, we’ll do well to place our attention there and make changes that are likely overdue.

In fact, the Solstice Sun in Cancer forms an inconjunction to Pluto that could heighten our sensitivity or trigger us to react without considering our part in co-creating these challenging situations. Rather than being random or coincidental, these events are designed to push us out of our comfort zones.

Whenever Pluto is involved, there is an element of collective consciousness driving us to make deep-seated personal changes that affect and serve the whole.

Our collective win is the reward.

Meanwhile, on Summer Solstice, the Moon in Leo forms an inconjunction to Saturn in Pisces, impelling us to dissolve rigid boundaries that limit our growth.

The Moon also squares Jupiter and the North Lunar Node in Taurus, further supporting our expansion when we risk transformation.

The Sun forms a cooperative, watery trine to Neptune in Pisces that helps us surrender what holds us back and to forgive and trust ourselves and each other. Pisces is where the circle of life dissolves into unity and wholeness – where the illusion of separation evaporates and truth is revealed.

In the roughly three months that make up Summer, here’s to nurturing the growth and compassion of Cancer, engaging in the playful energies of Leo, and working and healing in the spirit of Virgo – in ways that serve us all well.

With great love and blessings, for all relations.
~ Christina