Honoring August’s Blue Aquarian Full Moon ~

The second full Moon of the month peaked at 29 degrees Aquarius today, August 22, 2021, at 6:00 am MDT. Partnered with the expansive planet of Jupiter, she supports our growing understanding of our connection to each other and our future.

As events around our world continue to rock our foundation and we witness increasing atrocities, this Moon calls us to seek ways to be of help, connect, and evolve. When we embody the best of Aquarius, we’re able to witness events from a higher place where forward thinking inspires and influences our actions.

At the heart of all evolutionary expansion, we find love. One organization that embodies the principles and power of love is Preemptive Love. Their mission is founded on the truth that Love connects all of us, and their efforts carry that profound healing power into our world.

Here’s to embodying hope and radical transformation around our planet for the highest good of all relations. 

With blessings of healing and light,

~ Christina