Wielding the power of Aries’ fire with care

Come. Sit. Warm yourself by the flames as the Moon gathers her courage and audacity in vigorous Aries. Let her embers spark your imagination and ignite your wildest plans as she joins the Sun to initiate a new cycle of growth on April 1, 2022 at 12:24 am MDT.

She and the Sun join Mercury in this cardinal fire sign, infusing our minds with quick wit, laser focus and an insatiable desire to learn. Chiron and Pallas Athena in Aries complete a *stellium of undeniable forces for healing, survival, individuality and independence. 

Meanwhile, Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, joins Saturn and Juno in a fixed airy Aquarian stellium, urging us to think and act in pioneering ways that we’ve not yet witnessed. The right to express our unique selves and live beyond restrictive boundaries is infused into this New Moon Cycle. To do this, we must trust our intuition – our internal guidance system that never fails us. 

The stellium in Aquarius includes Vesta, Mars, Saturn, Juno and Venus, and it ensures that we consider and stand upon higher ground as we activate the energy of Aries in our lives so the evolution of the entire world is served. 

Vesta in Aquarius is a light-bearer for humanity, leading us forward through the darkness into the dawn. Juno in this sign helps bring our thoughts and wishes to fruition, often suddenly and without warning. 

Mars in general wants to survive. To be. To forge new ground. Its energy is untiring and vital. When in Aquarius, it wants to change, evolve and release. If used wisely, it offers the power to overcome restriction. Saturn in Aquarius equips us with galactic boundaries and the right to cross them.

Venus in Aquarius raises the vibration of love to a true, pure and unconditional state of being. Self-worth becomes inclusive here, and we understand Life as Love on some primal yet indescribable level.

Mars and this New Moon Cycle of Aries offer us massive raw energy. Here’s to channeling it with wisdom and compassion – for the highest good and survival of all relations and sentient beings.

With fireside warmth and love, 
Always love.
~ Christina 

* A stellium refers to at least three or more planets or luminary points in one zodiac sign where energies coalesce to increase their power.