Opening to Elevated Truths in the Sagittarius New moon/Solar Eclipse Cycle ~

The skies of December 4th, 2021 usher in a solar eclipse and new moon cycle at 12 degrees Sagittarius, inviting us to clear our path for the way ahead. 

Eclipses serve as release points and new moons are times to set intentions for the future. In the expansive, Jupiter-ruled sign of Sagittarius, we’re encouraged to cultivate understanding by looking for higher perspectives and stretching beyond our limited points of view.

This New Moon formed a cooperative aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, helping us to breathe fresh air into our beliefs about what is possible. Aquarius is the traditional ruler of Saturn, so it’s at home in this sign. The question is, are we? How comfortable are we with innovation and differences of opinion? 

Are we ready to reach beyond what we think we know? 

Maybe we need to be present with that first. 

Another critical and often overlooked aspect of this New Moon and Eclipse cycle is an inconjunction to Uranus at 11 degrees of Taurus. Uranus rules Aquarius and it’s not content in this position. In astrological terms, lightening-fast Uranus is in its fall in steadfast earthy Taurus. Inconjunctions require some attention and work on our parts in order to resolve issues and take advantage of opportunities. This one continues to call us to embrace flexibility, especially in matters of the heart. 

What do we hold close when our drive for material consumption falls away? 

When we quiet our thoughts and draw our attention away from distractions, what shows up? 

If we meet it where our hearts and minds merge, how does it shift? Does it soften? Does it dissolve? Can we witness all of it? The discomfort, pain, dissolution, joy and expansion? 

Here’s to being present and contributing to our collective expansion from the space of higher minds and softer hearts, for all relations.

With great love, always. 

~ Christina