Embracing Libra’s beauty in the light of Aries’ Full Moon ~

October’s Full Moon in Aries peaks on 10/20/21 at 8:57 am MDT, at 27 degrees Aries. The Sun at 27 degrees Libra joins Mars, and their opposition squares Pluto in Capricorn.

Full moons have a level of intensity and this one is no exception, given the powerful energies of Mars and Pluto and the cardinal modes involved that need expression.

We’re also beginning to emerge from a strong retrograde cycle with Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury recently moving or stationing direct.

The Aries/Libra axis highlights the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies of Mars and Venus, respectively. Aries helps us focus on our needs and survival, while Libra helps us consider and harmonize our relationships with others, beauty and peace.

If we step into the center of this axis and ourselves, we can harness the healing energies of this Full Moon and soften into the beauty of balanced masculine and feminine wisdom.

To support this process during this Full Moon cycle we can practice the following simple acts.

~ Engage in self care routines: meditation, movement, mindfulness
~ Cultivate compassion for ourselves and others
~ Breathe deeply when we’re challenged or triggered
~ Create space in our minds to understand the experience of others
~ Embrace and express appreciation
~ Demonstrate loving kindness

Here’s to living with intention and reflecting the light of love as the
Moon in Aries shines the beauty of Libra’s Sun upon us.

For the highest good of all relations.
Always, love.
~ Christina