Cultivating love amidst chaos with the April – May Eclipse cycles in Taurus/Scorpio

Encouraging us to transform abuses of power and authority with love, both of 2022’s eclipse cycles are infused with the energies of Venus-ruled Taurus and Pluto-ruled Scorpio.

The first of these eclipse cycles takes place today, April 30th with the New Moon at 10° Taurus forming a partial solar eclipse. She joins Uranus at 14° Taurus, increasing instability and chaos and/or inspiring change, innovation and inspiration.

The second eclipse in this cycle will take place on May 15th, when the Moon is Full at 25° Scorpio and forms a total lunar eclipse. She’ll join Pluto, compelling us to continue reclaiming our power and authority to transform our lives and world with love.

Later in the year, our second partial solar eclipse of 2022 will occur on October 25th, when the Moon is New at 2° Scorpio. That cycle will include another total lunar eclipse on November 8th, when the Moon is Full at 15° Taurus. She’ll join Uranus again, but this time Uranus will be retrograde, taking us deeper into the process of transformation.

Whenever Taurus and Scorpio are involved, we’re reminded that when we draw what we love closer to our hearts, we are changed – along with the world that we’re co-creating.

When we assume control over how we respond to chaos in the world around us and claim peace in this present moment, we send that into the world.

In the sphere of love and kindness, what doesn’t resonate falls away. Here’s to investing in the peace of heartfulness with each breath we take, hold and release. Here’s to understanding the power of each thought we form, word we speak and action we take. Here’s to reaping the rewards of love even as we sow them.

For the highest good of all relations.

Always Love.
~ Christina